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Air Miles national events are always big. This one was huge, combining a microsite, sharable content, coupon books, point of sale, emails, online ads and more.

The microsite made the contest mechanics easy. Visitors could download coupons, have some fun, and see just how much 1,000,000 miles was worth.

Bling Yourself invited visitors to upload a photo and get dolled up in all sorts of dapper duds to see what they’d look like as a Mile-ionaire. And of course, they could share their stylin’ pics with their friends and post them on social media, driving more traffic to the microsite.

Think that’s slick? There’s more ‘in store’.

Up until this promotion, coupon books were distributed in-store by the cashiers. That made no sense to me, since by the time shoppers reached the cash, their purchase decisions had already been made. I wanted to get the coupon books to the front entrance.

And that's exactly what I did.

I worked with production to design a podium-style coupon book holder that doubled as a counter-top display (simply remove the base). The modular design made it possible to produce on budget and the small footprint made it work in every store.

While this has nothing to do with copy, it has everything to do with passion.

At the end of the event, twelve secondary-prize winners from across Canada were flown to Toronto, where the grand prize draw was conducted as part of the Toronto Film Festival on Entertainment Tonight Canada.

And I got to attend a private screening with Harrison Ford.

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