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I’ve done dozens of corporate videos for everything from program launches to marketing conferences, charity drives and more. I’ve interviewed senior marketing executives, directed production companies and talent, and even shot the President of Air Miles out of a cannon.

This video was for a national Air Miles marketing conference. It features a lot of my work. When I wrote it, I wrote more than just words. I wrote the transitions, how the words would be animated with the visuals and what those visuals would be. You have to. And not every writer can do that.

You have to have a great relationship with your partner to step outside the bounds of text. That has never been a problem for me. Besides, I always present my ideas as ideas for consideration. We’re always a team.

A wise copywriter at MacLaren McCann once told me that the copywriter and art director are both 100% responsible for 100% of the work. It’s not 50/50. While that’s very true, it’s something many people don’t appreciate.


Of course, I can always power off quick copy in a flash, when needed, and let whoever run with it. Sometimes you have to. But whenever possible, collaboration is always best. Check out the video. I think you’ll agree.

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