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This public service announcement by Bubbles from Showcase’s Trailer Park Boys is one of the highlights of my career. I handled everything, including contacting Mike Smith, writing the script, and overseeing production. That’s the way this project rolled.

In the video, Bubbles pleads with viewers, asking them to help him ban fruitcake once and for all. After all, no one likes it and people were tossing half-eaten pieces of fruitcake
all over the trailer park. Kitties were eating it and getting sick. Sergeant Meowenstein almost died.

Wondering what this was all about? Well, Christmas is that special time of year when agencies like to show their clients just how creative they are. This was our agency holiday greeting. Instead of a boring old card, our clients received a dimensional direct mail package driving them to for some silly seasonal shenanigans.

We won a Webby Honourable Mention. You could say it was a Christmas miracle.

In related news, if you happen to see this video, please contact me immediately. I don’t know where it is and I miss it dearly.

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